Founded in November 2017, we are the first program in Bosnia and Herzegovina to offer photo opportunities to all the members of our community interested to express themselves creatively.

This is the first generation of the program who previously had very little, or no photo experience.

Our classes are focused on the importance of photojournalism and ethics in our country, or as I like to say, we’re working by the US and International standards.

Our classes are held in Zenica’s City Museum.

What makes us unique?

Our program is specific because we started out with the youngest member, 13-year-old Lamia, and the oldest, 74-year-old Mirsada.

The last time Mirsada was a part of a photo club in Zenica was when she was Lamia’s age.

I was waiting this long for another program to open,” she tells us.

In this picture, Lamia is helping our oldest member climb the Old Castle of Vranduk for the first time in her life.

Our members are bonded, and this makes us unique to the community, but also easier to work in a team.

Another detail that also defines us is that we have a grandmother, Azemina, who came to our first field trip with her granddaughter, Melisa.

Since, she stayed in the group. Now the two have been our most regular members.

Our program is also diverse in the sense that the country is still divided, but all ethnic and religious groups are united in our classes.

Students share four cameras in a class of twenty, and still manage to produce amazing work regardless of the lack of the equipment.

About the Founder

I am Dijana Muminović, and I’m a Bosnian-American photojournalist. I moved to the USA in 1997 after the Bosnian war and subsequently earned a BA in Photojournalism from Western Kentucky University, and Master’s Degree at Ohio University.

I worked as a Teaching Assistant at OU, freelance photojournalist, and as an instructor at the Athens Photographic Project to those who use photography as a tool to cope with mental illnesses. Every year at OU, I helped organize NPPA Best of Photojournalism judging contest.

I have been awarded a second place from the Alexia Foundation. I was a finalist for the PhotoPhilantrophy Activist Award. I’ve also been awarded two grants from the Kentucky Foundation for Women; Bob Baxter, NPPA and OU awarded me with a grant to document the aftermath of the flood that recently swept away Bosnia.

I had many solo exhibitions including the one in US Congress Building, Italian Senate, Western Kentucky University, and several throughout Bosnia. I was a guest speaker at various universities, presenting my personal piece, “I am a Refugee”. I spoke at the University of South Florida, Allegheny College, Ohio University.

In 2011, I helped organize and host the American workshop, Truth With A Camera, in my hometown Zenica, Bosnia. My wish to bring a slice of my American experiences in my hometown resulted in the current program that I lead.