Photojournalism class

First Photojournalism class in our country in which we’ll cover the importance of photojournalism. We’ll learn how to tell stories, to be news photographers, how to work on the deadline, and how photojournalism has shaped our society. This class is intended for those who are planning to study journalism.

Intro class

This class offers a variety of experiences. We’ll try to cover all aspects of photography including: art photography, documentary, nature, portraiture, studio photography, etc. In this class you’ll gain basic knowledge in photography. This class is open to all community members regardless of age and gender.


Speak With Photos is a phototherapy class intended for all members wanting to feel better about ourselves and the world around us. Whether someone’s experiencing a stressful period, or battling a mental difficulty, this is where we express ourselves and share our experiences where our photos were taken and how that made us feel.