Oduvijek ste bili ljubitelj fotografije? Onda je ovo čas za vas! Naša foto škola i jeste jedinstvena jer je ovaj kurs otvoren za sve naše članove društva bez obzira na njihovu starosnu dob. 

Always had passion for photography? Then this class is for you! This class makes our program unique because this is the only class open to our community members regardless of their age. 

Ovaj čas je namjenjen studentima koji planiraju da studiraju novinarstvo. Mi ćemo vas pripremiti da kombinujete fotografiju uz novinarstvo, govoriti ćemo kako fotonovinarstvo oblikuje naše društvo, o etici i pravilima fotografisanja.

This class is intended for students who plan to study journalism. The class will prepare you to combine photography and journalism, to work on deadlines, and we’ll cover how photojournalism has shaped and continues to shape our society. 

Bez obzira na to da li neko proživljava stresni period ili se bori sa mentalnim poteškoćama, ovaj kurs nudi kreativan nacin da činimo da se bolje osjecamo. Ovo je prvi cas u BiH, a ujedno i na Balkanu, koji koristi fotografiju za unapredjenje, kao i promociju mentalnog zdravlja.

Whether someone’s experiencing a stressful period, or battling a mental difficulty, this class offers a creative way to deal with our difficulties. This is the first class in BiH, and the Balkans, that uses photography for mental health recovery. 

Ovaj kurs je namijenjen osobama bez sluha ili oštećenim sluhom koji realizujemo uz saradnju Udruzenja gluhih i nagluhih iz ZDK.

This class is intended for persons who are lacking the power of hearing or having impaired hearing in collaboration with the Association for the Deaf from ZDK. 


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School of Photography in Zenica visited local textile company, Empress. The company worked tirelessly in the last ten days to produce 100% cotton face masks to help the community in the fight against Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), an infectious disease caused by a newly discovered coronavirus.

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Journalist Association of BiH

We were invited to work with the Journalists Association of BiH as part of the Medieval era event held on the old town of Vranduk, 15 miles from Zenica. The goal was to support our program and encourage us in

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Exhibition: Building Zenica

Our first exhibition “We’re building Zenica” presented during the Zenica’s Spring event. It was held at the Synagogue for seven days, and according to the Museum, it was the most visited exhibition, both by our residents and local schools.

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US Speakers via Skype

Last year we’ve had a pleasure of speaking with three US photojournalists: Roger M. Richards (filmmaker at Igniter Loop), Sarah Tillota (Picture editor at CNN International) and Stephen Blahut.

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Former Students

I thank you Dijana for the courage to start this project, the project that enabled many and me personally to know what photography is, and to meet many friends. My photography school gave me the knowledge of photo equipment, and I became more famous in my city for my photography. I am proud to have been a member.
Former Student
I work as a PR for the University of Zenica, and I use camera for our events quite often. When I heard about this program, I asked if it was for youth only, but Dijana said it was open to everyone. I then fell in love with photography even more. When I look at my photographs now, they are so much better than they used to be.
Former Student
I heard about School of Photography by accident. I decided to go to one class, not knowing what to expect. However, when I got there, I found so much positive energy, enthusiasm and love for photography – I did not expect this. I learned things about photography that are hard to find in books. For Professor Diana I can only say the words of praise. Thank you for being part of this incredible story.
Former student
I felt so comfortable. There was too much positive energy that I think would free every man from their sorrow. Never was there any tossing or underestimating someone’s value. Everyone was very, very kind, supportive, and open to this new experience and companionship.
Former student
It was a great experience of learning and enjoying at the same time.
Former student